Turning Water Utility Pain Points into Meetings

In every Precision Targeting Report WatrHub delivers, we include a data field called the “Trigger Extract.” Trigger Extracts are pieces of information pulled directly from a utility source document such as municipal budgets, master plans or council meeting minutes. Within these extracts are information about the project, problems the utility is trying to solve, budgetary […]

https://www.watrhub.com/turning-water-utility-pain-points-into-meetings/ 5 Factors to Defining Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) in the Water Industry

A lot of time can be burned chasing water utility prospects that aren’t strong customers, or won’t ever be customers. A Total Addressable Market is the market of customers that need and can buy your product or solution. There are five important factors to define in your TAM which will ensure your sales team is […]