We’re Developing Something New

WatrHub Inc. has brought the leading Artificial Intelligence technology into the municipal water industry to boost sales teams in winning deals faster, accelerating sale pipeline, and increasing sales teams operational efficiency.

Developing Your U.S. Water Market Strategy?

Power your U.S. Water Market Strategy with predictive insights

Precision Targeting Reports

The data included in this report is refined to create a precisely-targeted and expert curated intelligence report of qualified prospects and insights. Our data engine delivers reports to your inbox or directly to your CRM up to twice a month.

The WatrHub Precision Targeting Report Provides actionable utility pain points, refined search capabilities, targeted buyer contact and territory-lead customization.

One Time Report

We deliver the dataset and insights you are looking for in a matter of weeks instead of months or years that it would take without your proprietary data-mining tools.

Examples of these datasets include pricing datasets on how much utilities have paid for specific competitor product, campaign data sets specifically to run a marketing campaign for purposes of generating new leads, TAM data sets to help us size our addressable market with bottoms up data and sample use cases that give you specific data sets you want. Plan your companies future with confidence using WatrHub’s data and insights.