Are You Missing Out on

Actionable Sales Opportunities?

Power Your Sales Strategies & Actions with Targeted, Early Stage Customer Intelligence

Are You Missing Out on

Actionable Sales Opportunities?

Power Your Sales Strategies & Actions with Targeted, Early Stage Customer Intelligence


Intelligence Blindspots are

Limiting Your Sales Growth Plans


Are You Late to the RFP?

  • With a handful of experienced sales people managing territories of up to 70,000 water & wastewater systems, it’s impossible to track all the early stage customer issues and sales opportunities that your business needs to act on.


Do You Have a Stagnant Sales Pipeline?

  • Water & Wastewater utilities can take years to make a decision. Taking the right sales actions at the right time can be the difference between success and failure.


Are Your Sales Channels Hit or Miss?

  • Being one step removed from the end user means limited visibility and control over your destiny.
  • Instead of waiting for the phone to ring, how can you develop a proactive sales strategy & plan?


Countless Hours Spent Searching to Generate Leads?

  • Noisy databases and tools puts the burden on your team to uncover actionable insights, when they should be out in front of their best opportunities

Start targeting your best clients long before the RFP


“I am very impressed with the WatrHub report. It is very thorough, and I appreciated that you incorporated our feedback very quickly and came back with very actionable data. We reviewed the data with a highly experienced sales person who has been managing this territory for over 2 decades and even he was able to learn new things about his territory from WatrHub’s report. This is great and speaks to the quality of your work.”


Deron Austin, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Mueller Group LLC

How Traditional Sales Strategies Compare to

The WatrHub Advantage


Traditional Sales Strategies

Missing key sales opportunities

Hit or miss sales channels

Hearing about sales opportunities late in the game

Losing deals to competitors

High sales costs in pursuing a fragmented market

Sub-optimal positioning in proposals

Sending months finding the real decision maker


Precision Sales Targeting Reports

Consistently uncover ideal sales opportunities

Reliable, actionable intelligence on key target customers

Identify customers with needs long before the RFP

Regularly track competitor activity

Focused and targeted sales efforts

Intelligence to position proposals and increase win rates

Targeted and accurate insights on key decision makers

The Most Trusted

Intelligence Source for Water Utility Pain Points


Better Customer Intelligence Resultsh

In Measurable Business


Increase in Sales Pipeline Conversions


Focus sales efforts on your ideal prospects

Increase Conversions


Reduction in Sales Pipeline Cycles


Build relationships faster with actionable insights



Increase in Sales Pipeline Within 1 Year


Increase the value of your pipeline with targeted customer intelligence



Reduction in Prospecting Effort


Reduce cost, time, & effort in generating new leads

Reduce Effort

Ready to Power Your Sales Growth Efforts With Targeted Customer Intelligence?


“We saw a demonstrable acceleration in our sales growth as a result of our partnership with Watrhub. We know more is possible, and we are always excited to find new ways to shorten our sales cycle”


Jason Bethke,  President, FATHOM

Have Questions? We're Here to Help


Do You Give the Same Data to My Competitors?

  • The short answer is no. We work with each of our clients to develop custom search strategies to find results that are in line with your ideal client profile and the solutions you offer.


How is WatrHub different from an RFP service?

  • By the time an RFP is out, it’s too late to influence the utility’s decision. We focus exclusively on gathering intelligence when utilities have needs or issues, long before the RFP.


How do sales teams use your data?

  • We make it as seamless as possible to integrate into your sales team’s workflows. Depending on the client’s sales process, it could be connecting to your CRM, access to WatrHub’s Data Viewer, or delivering targeted reports right to your sales person’s inbox

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