Success Stories

Success Stories

WatrHub’s Sole Focus is to deliver custom analytics and insights that help clients predict and target sales opportunities in the U.S. water infrastructure.

Mike Stadnyckjy, Digital Visionary

"We turn to WatrHub to uncover very niche and segmented information that support our key growth platforms"

Echologics, a Mueller Technologies company, develops water infrastructure diagnostic technologies for water loss management and pipe condition assessment. Echologics is dedicated to helping water utilities reduce water loss while creating subsequent monetary, environmental and health benefits for local communities. With Watrhub’s help, Mike was able to generate pilots and sales through accurate contact lists which led to the ability to establish relationships with them.

The Benefits of Client Journey Mapping

What is Client Journey Mapping? Client journey mapping is a method of plotting out every step […]

Sales Targeting

WatrHub’s Monthly report drive 58%+ of clients sales targeting actions and efforts

Predictive Insights

70% of the information in WatrHub’s monthly reports is new information which enables clients to get in 1-2 years before bid

Results Driven

“We were able to shorten our sales cycles from 12-18 months to 6-9 months. We closed $7M in new sales as a result of the WatrHub program. And we have more intelligent conversations when engaging with target utilities.”

- Trevor Hill CEO, FATHOM Inc.


Working with 70+ Water Industry Leaders including:

"The data from WatrHub has been crucial for moving our company forward. The contact lists generated from WatrHub are, on average, 97% accurate. This is amazing, and it's really the backbone of any campaign that we execute"

Mike Stadnyckj

director of marketing and communications

"WatrHub has helped us to expand our business into even more water related industries"

Suzanne Thompson

Creative Director