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What Makes WatrHub Unique

We aggregate data from over 500 million public documents and web pages in thousands of utility and municipal websites and hundreds of government databases. Our unique focus is to use all the data to create predictive insights into water and infrastructure needs that enable our clients to target utilities early in their decision-making.

Data Sources Our Clients Are Interested In

Council Meeting Minutes
Keep a close eye out for what municipalities and utilities are discussing in the form of water infrastructure plans, approvals and issues so you can be at the right place at the right time.
Municipal Budgets and CIPs
WatrHub has aggregated enough forward looking city capital improvement plans (CIPs) and budgets to be able to tell you where you’ll be able to sell your equipment and solutions this year for the next five years.
Facility Permits
WatrHub has centralized hard to get permits and offer never before seen insights rom this new aggregated perspective.
Master Plans
Stay up to date as municipalities make long term master plans and ensure your technologies and solutions are part of their infrastructure strategy.
Compliance Database
Our Data provides access to a precise level of understanding that allows our customers to know exactly which facilities have issues that can be uniquely addressed by our customers